Dodgers Annoyed By Sign-Stealing, But Still Don’t Want Fake Banner

The Houston Astros’ role in a sign-stealing scandal has stirred up a lot of frustration for the Dodgers and their fans, whereas others have stressed the importance of moving on. Most of the Los Angeles Dodgers were consistent when making one point – they have no interest in being awarded the 2017 World Series Championship.

Dodgers Annoyed By Sign-Stealing, But Still Don’t Want Fake Banner

Many want to move forward in 2020 and prepare for the season. The Dodgers want to get ready to win the right way and experience everything how it’s supposed to be – catch the last out, dogpile on the baseball field, put on the championship shirts, wear the championship hats, have a player become the MVP, spray champagne, and get sized for rings. They want to have a parade in Los Angeles and win the right way.

How the Sign-Stealing Scandal Began

Major League Baseball (MLB) has conducted an investigation that determined that the Astros used a camera at the center-field for real-time video of catchers’ signs. It subsequently banged a trash can to alert the hitters of incoming pitches.

This sign-stealing practice extended into the 2017 post-season games when the Astros ended up defeating the LA Dodgers in Game 7 of the World Series.

MLB released the findings from their investigation on January 13th and along came the punishments. The general manager of the Astros, Jeff Luhnow, along with the manager, AJ Hinch, were both suspended for the entire season and later fired by owner Jim Crane. The Astros team was also fined $5 million, and they were forced to forfeit four of their draft picks within the first two rounds of the next two drafts.

What Came Next for Los Angeles

Dodgers Annoyed By Sign-Stealing, But Still Don’t Want Fake Banner

In 2018, the Dodgers went back to the World Series and ended up losing in 5 games to the Red Sox, who are also being investigated by MLB for their use of their video replay room to make the baserunners aware of the catchers’ signs.

2019 brought the Dodgers a back-to-back World Series appearance with a 106-win regular season. However, they ended up losing to the Washington National in the National League Division Series.

They’re still waiting for their first title since 1988.