The Dallas Cowboys Can Still Win the NFC East If They Focus

The Dallas Cowboys are waiting to play against the Baltimore Ravens in a game that was delayed due to the pandemic. It’s the perfect time to discuss their priorities and answer some questions regarding the franchise. This was done at a Cowboys roundtable with David Moore, Calvin Watkins, and Michael Gehlken. Here’s what they think the team should focus on and what they think about some of Dallas’ players:

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles
The Dallas Cowboys Can Still Win the NFC East If They Focus

What’s QB Andy Dalton’s Future Looking Like With Dallas?

While Dalton is worth $3 million, which is a fair price for a QB with his experience, he didn’t sign with Dallas to go into the backup phase of his career. According to David Moore, Andy Dalton should hold out during the one-year deal and find a team that is going to give him the chance to compete for a starting position, since it won’t happen in Dallas. Calvin Watkins believes that Dalton’s role as a starting quarterback is most likely over.

What Should the Dallas Cowboys Prioritize for the Rest of the Season?

David Moore believes that the Cowboys should be focusing on the next draft, which is going to be in April. He doesn’t believe the team should jeopardize their draft position by winning a day or two for the rest of the season. For the Dallas Cowboys, however, their priority is still to win as many games as possible since they still have a chance at winning the NFC East. For Michael Gehlken, the Cowboys should focus on instilling who they think will help lead them to victory during the 2021 season. This means also looking into younger players/rookies.

Do Any Newcomers Give Hope to the Team for the Future?

CeeDee Lamb (88), Dallas Cowboys wide receiver, attempts to break away from Isaiah Oliver (26), Atlanta Falcons cornerback, in a game at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas on September 20, 2020.
The Dallas Cowboys Can Still Win the NFC East If They Focus

David Moore, Calvin Watkins, and Michael Gehlken all seemed to agree that wide receiver CeeDee Lamb along with cornerback Treveon Diggs will be the future of the team moving forward. They have bright futures as NFL players and will likely help the Dallas Cowboys in future seasons.