Kansas City Chiefs Beat Philadelphia Eagles in the 2023 Super Bowl

The 2023 Super Bowl had fans reeling over who would be the champion. The last game was played by the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs, and both teams waited long enough to face each other, but the Kansas City Chiefs proved superior once more. They beat the Eagles 38-35, which made them the champions! The last win for the team was in 2020 when they played against the Sann Fransisco 49ers.

Kansas City Chiefs Beat Philadelphia Eagles in the 2023 Super Bowl

It Was All in the Game

The match started extraordinarily for the Philadelphia Eagles as they were the first team to score just a few minutes into the first quarter. However, their happiness was short-lived as the Chiefs scored just a while later and began gaining speed. It was the first Super Bowl with two brothers – Travis Kelce for the Chiefs and Jason Kelce for the Eagles, facing against one another. Both had previous wins, though. Travis played for the Chiefs when they won in 2020, and his brother Jason won with the Eagles in 2018.

There Were Some Highlights

The most memorable highlight of the first half was when Hurts allowed the Chiefs to recover and tie the game 14-14. He made this possible by completely fumbling in the first quarter. Then the Chiefs gamed speed by taking the lead after a rushing touchdown from Hurts and a 35-yard field goal right before the end of the second quarter. During halftime, Rihanna made the audience smile with her performance and announcement of pregnancy with her second child.