Will Aaron Rodgers Pick Up The MVP Award This Coming Season?

Aaron Rodgers is coming off his worst season ever in terms of victories, but that hasn’t stopped one sports expert picking him as their MVP next season. He’s done it once before so can Aaron Rodgers pick up another MVP award?

Will Aaron Rodgers Pick Up The MVP Award This Coming Season?

Posting Good Numbers

Although the Packers registered a 6-9-1 season in 2018, Colin Cowherd thinks Rodgers actually played very well. For the average quarterback, Rodgers could have been in the running for the MVP last year, if the Packers won more games. Rodgers recorded 4,442 yards, 25 touchdowns, and averaged a passer rating of 97.2. Those are good numbers, but the Packers only managed 6 victories all season.

Things Will Be Better

Cowherd believes next season Rodgers won’t be playing with the same amount of pressure, as it can’t get any worse. The analyst thinks that freedom will make Rodgers play better, which in turn will make the Packers more successful.

Cowherd predicts that the Packers will be much stronger next year and should be scoring at least 10 or 11 victories in the regular season. He still doesn’t rate their chances of a Super Bowl with Matt LaFleur, but he thinks they’ll be better.

Will Aaron Rodgers Pick Up The MVP Award This Coming Season?

The Freedom To Play

Cowherd thinks Rodgers will pick up the MVP award on the way to bringing the division championship to the Packers. Rodgers has been putting in the time to learn his coaches offensive plays in the recent minicamp his team put on. Once he’s got LaFleur’s playbook down, we could see a very different Packers next season.

Aaron Rodgers has already proven he has the skills to be the MVP in the NFL. Under a new regime at the Packers, he could be set for a very exciting year, at least that’s what Colin Cowherd believes.