Everything We Know About The 2026 USA-Canada-Mexico World Cup

The World Cup is a festival of soccer that the entire planet follows for one month every four years. It brings together the best international teams from around the globe and pits them against each other to determine who will reign as champions or the next four years. In 2026 the World Cup is heading to the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Here is everything we know about it so far.

Everything We Know About The 2026 USA-Canada-Mexico World Cup

More Teams Than Ever

The World Cup is a competition that most soccer fans want their country to play in and by 2026 teams will have a greater chance of doing that. The competition will be expanded from 32 teams to 48, giving teams on the fringes the opportunity to represent their compatriots. There will be a total of 80 games played over just 34 days and teams from every continent will have more teams than ever playing in the soccer competition.

Mexico And Canada’s Role

There are going to be many games played over the summer of 2026, so Canada and Mexico will be responsible for ten games each. Cities like Guadalajara, Mexico City, and Monterrey will be Mexico’s representatives, while Canada will host games in Montreal, Edmonton, and Toronto.

Mexico has hosted two other World Cups, and that tends to be a good omen for teams from South America. On the two previous times Mexico hosted the World Cup Brazil and Argentia lifted the famous trophy.

Everything We Know About The 2026 USA-Canada-Mexico World Cup

The Final Game

In a knock-out tournament like the World Cup, there is one game that’s more important than any other, the final. At the 2026 World Cup, the final game will be held at the MetLife Stadium, as New York will be given the honor of hosting the important match.

The MetLife Stadium isn’t the biggest to host a game in 2026, but the modern stadium is deemed the perfect venue for the final. Future legends will be made in 2026 and with soccer becoming more popular in the U.S. than ever before maybe America can even challenge for the big prize.

The World Cup in 2026 promises to be an exciting one as there will be more teams than ever fighting for glory. It’s now up to the USA, Canada, and Mexico to put on a soccer party worthy of such a momentous occasion.