2020’s Top Trending Athlete Is Ryan Newman Who Races In NASCAR

Google’s top trending athlete of the year is NASCAR racer, Ryan Newman. Experts say that the driver’s last-lap crash at Daytona 500 and the following miraculous recovery were the reasons that lead to this trend.

NASCAR Can Rarely Match Other Sports Leagues In Popularity

Ryan Newman There are many beloved sports all over the world, and NASCAR can rarely compete for worldwide popularity. However, last year, the 43-year old Ryan Newman became Google’s most-searched athlete. The driver bested the quarterback Tom Brady and fellow NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace and ranked fifth in the “People” category. This also made him the top-ranked current non-political figure.

NASCAR Racer Ryan Newman Suffered One of the Worst Recent Crashes In the Sport

The Crash of Ryan Newman and Corey LaJoie Sadly, part of the reason for the Google popularity of the 43-year-old NASCAR driver was an unfortunate one. On the final lap of the Daytona 500, he was heading for the finish, when his car took contact from fellow driver Ryan Blaney. Everything went wrong for Newman as the #32 Ford slammed into his car. The wreck was one of the worst seen in many years, and after the crash, there were concerns if Newman might have been injured. As the emotions of everybody were going up, Newman was freed from his car and taken to the local Halifax Medical Center, where he was treated and released after less than 48 hours.

Despite his amazing recovery, he received a head injury and missed the next three races before making his return at the Darlington Raceway. For 2021, Newman is set to return to his #6 Ford for a third season with Roush Fenway Racing. The season will start with the 63rd annual Daytona 500. The drivers will race at Daytona International Speedway on Sunday, February 14th. Fans are certainly waiting to see if Newman will make his crash a distant memory and manage to capture his second Daytona 500 victory. With enough luck and skill, Newman could end up in Google’s top trending list of 2021 due to more fortunate events.

NCAA Board Supports Compensation Rule Changes for College Athletes

There has long been a debate when it comes to college athletes and what kind of compensation they should receive for their work on and off the field or court. The National Collegiate Athletic Association – NCAA – have been big players in this debate, but it looks like they could be backing some momentous changes. This is what the NCAA board has to say about the compensation rule changes.

Ongoing debate

It seems like the debate over college athletes getting paid has been going on longer than college sports has been a thing! While the teams and schools make a fortune from licensing sales and broadcast rights, very little of this trickled down to the athletes themselves. While being a college athlete can set you up for a future of moneymaking opportunities, not everyone can be picked to make it professionally. Some people dedicate their college lives to a sport, only to find themselves kicked to the kerb once school is over.

Compensation for endorsements and promotions

Luckily, it looks like the NCAA board is finally backing some big changes in compensation rules for college athletes. In a meeting at the end of April, the Board of Governors agreed to some changes that would see these athletes able to make money from endorsements and promotions. This would mean that they could sign sponsorship deals, work on social media campaigns, attend personal appearances, and even run their own businesses. It opens up a wealth of opportunities for these young stars. The only thing they wouldn’t be able to do is use school or conference logos or trademarks.

While there is still a little way to go when it comes to getting these new compensation rule changes signed off, it’s definitely a step in the right direction. Hopefully, we’ll see more college athletes being able to make money very soon.