World Premiere of “The Last Dance” Made NBA Players Shed a Few Tears

The untold story of Michal Jordan’s final season with the Chicago Bulls has been one of the most highly anticipated events in the past several years. This docuseries is shining a light for so many people, especially during these troubling times.

The World Premiere of “The Last Dance” Made NBA Players Shed a Few Tears

This April, ESPN’s documentary chronicling the career of NBA legend Michael Jordan, The Last Dance, made its first worldwide debut to the masses on Netflix. The series was initially scheduled to air in June during the NBA Finals, but the network moved up its release as a result of fans demanded it on social media after the sports ground went to a halt amid the pandemic.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

How Did it All Start?

Thanks to the NBA commissioner, Adam silver who convinced Jordan and coach Phil Jackson to allow cameras to follow them throughout the season, the footage was already there. All they needed to do was to convince him to use the footage for the documentary. Jordan had full control over it, meaning that it would never be released without his consent. Two decades later, here we are, and the timing of his decision is worth noting as well.

“The Last Dance” World Debut

“The Last Dance” aired the first two episodes of its 10-part documentary series about Jordan’s career through the lens of the team’s 1997-1998 seasons, and Jordan’s last in Chicago. It sets the viewer up for the ride, right from the start, you feel the tension surrounding the Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan, Phil Jackson, and Jerry Krause while looking at Jordan’s rise from the University of North Carolina to his rookie season in Chicago. The second episode shows Scottie Pippen’s arrival to the Bulls and his controversial 1997 preseason, as well as Jordan’s childhood and second NBA season.

The Reactions

As soon as the documentary aired, Twitter was swarmed with NBA players such as Magic Johnson, Dwyane Wade, and many more.They were all tweeting about their genuine excitement for the anticipated first two episodes that were finally available last weekend.

Tobias Harris was also very excited about the new documentary series, especially because it’s a great way to pass the time while you’re in quarantine, isn’t that right?

Dwayne Johnson shared a tweet that he was going completely “bananas” while he was watching the series. It’s the footage of the legendary Michael Jordan that has never been seen to this day, who wouldn’t?

Spencer Dinwiddie also had a sweet reaction when the credits were rolling, he had tears in his eyes. Honestly, everyone can relate, this is a historical moment we are all sharing at the same time!

Obviously, this is even a better reason to start watching, everyone will be doing the same all while we’re all in this together.