Tom Brady’s Frustration Grows As He Falls From Top 15

Despite the New England Patriots being a top team at 10-2, Tom Brady is struggling to celebrate.

As a six-time Super Bowl champion, he has quite the reputation to uphold. But even though the season is far from over, his performance hasn’t impressed anyone yet…least of all him. And despite all of the praise he’s laying on the team’s defense for “keeping us in every game,” his attitude in the post-game pressers betrays his fears for the Patriots – and his reputation – this season.

The 14-time Pro Bowler recently hit 14 first-half incompletions. That’s the most out of any game in his 20-year career.

Tom Brady feels frustration as he falls out of top 15

This adds to their glaring offensive struggles so far this year, which are an understandable concern: it’s no secret that New England leans on its defense, even with a stronger offense, as Brady repeatedly keeps pointing out with less and less subtlety.

Unfortunately, the strength of last year’s unit disappeared with many of its key players, like offensive tackle Trent Brown, tight end Rob Gronkowski, fullback James Develin, and wide receiver Chris Hogan. Without them, the team’s running game has suffered and the passing has been mediocre at best…an issue whose responsibility is falling heavily on Brady’s shoulders due to amplified inaccuracy.

It’s evident that the 42-year-old QB’s trust with his receivers isn’t quite there. With Harry fresh out of IR, Sanu on the team for less than a month since his time with Atlanta, Watson not quite filling Gronk’s shoes, and Edelman just not quite talented enough to make up for everyone else’s shortcomings, Brady doesn’t have much to work with.

Tom Brady feels frustration as he falls out of top 15

The Patriots have only played against four winning-record teams this season, but those four games already saw Brady’s season average go down in completion percentage, passing yards per game, passer rating – almost every category.

So it’s making sense that Brady isn’t happy…even with just two losses on the season so far. After the previous game, he was asked what will get the team’s offense back on track. Brady’s response? “I don’t think it matters what I think. It matters what we do.”

But since then, they haven’t done much.