How Does Tom Brady Keep Defying Time?

Tom Brady is in his 40s and still one of the best players in the league. It seems almost impossible that almost 20 years after making his NFL debut Brady is still at the top. So how does Tom Brady keep on defying time?

How Does Tom Brady Keep Defying Time?

His Diet

The first thing that sets Tom Brady apart from many of the quarterbacks from his generation, and before, is the diet he chooses to eat. Brady lives off a plant-based diet, and that discipline toward his food has meant he recovers quicker and stays younger.

Learning The Game

Typically it takes a quarterback 10 to 15 years to learn the game. The problem is that normally by that time their bodies begin to fail them, but Brady is well protected at the Patriots. Thanks to the protection given to him, Brady can bring his expertise to the field more often than not. He even gets paid less than a quarterback of his standing should to allocate extra salary funds to the rest of the team.

How Does Tom Brady Keep Defying Time?

The Rules

The rules in football protect quarterbacks more than ever. While some might feel this is going too far, Tom Brady has benefitted from the changes. We all want to see the best players at the top of their games for as long as possible, so protecting players isn’t exactly a bad thing. Sure football is a violent sport, but that doesn’t mean it has to be barbaric. His offensive line makes sure he stays safe at all costs, and he returns their sacrifices with Super Bowl appearances.

Tom Brady keeps himself in amazing shape and with the protection offered from his teammates he’s able to keep going into his 40s. He’s defying the odds, and after signing another new contract looks set to continue playing until at least 2021.