Teenage Skateboarder Shatters Records With Landmark 720 Trick

Teen Becomes First Female Skateboarder to Master Rare 720 Trick

In a groundbreaking moment for women’s skateboarding, a 13-year-old girl from the Gold Coast has become the first female athlete to successfully land the elusive 720 trick. Arisa Trew’s remarkable achievement took place at the Tony Hawk Vert Alert event in Salt Lake City, Utah, with skateboarding legend Tony Hawk himself witnessing the feat.

The Momentous Win

The Momentous Win

The moment when Arisa Trew landed the 720 trick was captured in a video clip which she later shared on her Instagram account. The crowd present at the women’s final of the Tony Hawk Vert Alert event erupted into a frenzy of excitement, showering Trew with applause and cheers. Trew’s triumphant performance not only captivated those in attendance but also resonated deeply with fans and skateboarders worldwide, sparking hope for increased inclusivity and recognition for women in the sport.

A Catalyst for Future Success

A Catalyst for Future Success

With her incredible display of skill and determination, Trew secured first place in the women’s final. The 13-year-old prodigy attributes her success not only to her relentless practice and dedication but also to the unwavering support of the crowd that fueled her enthusiasm. Trew’s long-standing dream of turning professional, earning sponsorships, and participating in the X Games is now within close reach. Moreover, her recent victory will undoubtedly boost her chances of representing her country in the highly anticipated 2024 Paris Olympics as part of the national skateboarding team.

Inspiring the Next Generation

Arisa Trew’s groundbreaking achievement serves as an inspiration for young skateboarders worldwide, particularly girls who aspire to excel in a predominantly male-dominated sport. Her journey from starting skateboarding at the age of seven to becoming the first female skateboarder to land the 720 trick showcases the power of passion, perseverance, and breaking through barriers. By defying stereotypes and societal expectations, Trew’s accomplishment opens doors for other young girls to embrace their passion for skateboarding and chase their dreams fearlessly.

Wearing the Throwback Uniform Reminds Alex Smith of His Leg Injury

Alex Smith earned his first victory in over two years as the Washington Football Team’s starting quarterback. The win over Cincinnati came in a game when the team was sporting its throwback jerseys – a uniform that is used once a year during the annual “homecoming” game. However, for Smith, that is the same uniform he wore on November 18, 2018, in an infamous game against the Houston Texans. Back then, the veteran quarterback sustained a bad leg injury.

Alex Smith Said Putting On That Uniform Once Again Was Eerie for Him

Alex Smith on the field Wearing the throwback jerseys made Alex Smith admit that it felt “eerie” putting the uniform back on. After the game, he shared that he had experienced a weird feeling all week long, especially seeing the jerseys every day in the equipment room. He also said that two years ago, before the accident, he was a bigger fan of the jerseys.

The Last Time Smith Wore the Throwback Uniform He Ended Up In an Ambulance

Alex Smith right after getting injured on the field Alex Smith described the reality of wearing the throwback jerseys by saying that the last time he wore it, doctors had to cut it off him in the ambulance. The injury the quarterback received was very bad, and some say his recovery was simply remarkable, especially considering that he is once again the starting quarterback of the Washington Football Team just two years later. Now, with a win on Thanksgiving Day, Smith’s club can retake first place in the lowly NFC East. He says he is very grateful for being able to play and wear the jerseys once again.

This time around, wearing the throwback uniform, Smith left the field healthy and victorious. However, Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow was carted off the field because of a left knee injury. The injury will see Burrow miss the remainder of the season. Having experience with such injuries, Smith offered his best wishes to the passer and said he is hoping the injury is not serious.