This Week in Sports: Athletes Are Using Their Influence to Make a Difference

The world is having quite a surreal moment right now, with the coronavirus outbreak keeping an overwhelming number of people around the world both stuck at home and constantly on their toes at the same time. It’s a time when people need a little distraction more than ever – but unfortunately, they can’t turn to sports.

In an effort to reduce physical contact and potential exposure, the entire world of sports has been put on pause. But that hasn’t stopped plenty of athletes from staying busy.

With so many resources, fans and followers, professionals athletes – on the individual and team-levels – have decided to take advantage of this time to shine in new ways off of the court and field. The diverse and creative ways that they’ve been making an impact have been truly inspirational.

Here are the 5 best social contributions from athletes and sports professionals in the last week in March:

5. Green Bay Packers dining staff turns their efforts towards community & health care workers

This Week in Sports: Athletes Are Using Their Influence to Make a Difference

The Green Bay Packers have reallocated their dining staff to the community, where the crew has so far helped by making:

400 meals per week for students at local school districts
1,000 meals per week for staff at local healthcare facilities
5,000 protein bars and 3,500 protein shakes for local school students
Food pantry and shelter meals and non-perishable items supply

And, beyond all of this: $1.5 million in community relief fund.

4. Steph Curry, Simone Biles, Rob Gronkowski, Dale Earnhardt Jr. & more are donating sports gear

These athletes along with many others are signing gear to be purchased by those with the means at auctions raising money for COVID-19 relief. Anyone can enter the auctions and be eligible to win by donating $25 (dollars – not millions!).

3. Steve Ballmer donated $25M+

Steve Ballmer, owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, and his wife Connie have donated more than $25 million to relief efforts in Los Angeles, Seattle, and Michigan. The University of Washington Medicine’s Emergency Response Fund will receive $10 million specifically, going toward more testing at a faster rate and working towards a potential vaccine.

2. Carlos Correa donated $500k in medical equipment

Houston Astros shortstop Carlos Correa took to Instagram to share his generous contribution of $500,000 in medical equipment, including IV poles, rehab machines, surgical equipment, and much more, being provided to Houston area hospitals. He himself was inspired by other athletes, and will hopefully inspire even more!

1. Brees family donates $5M

New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees and his wife, Brittany, announced a $5 million donation on March 26 to coronavirus relief in Louisiana.

The couple is partnering with food banks, health systems, eateries and delivery companies to provide 10,000 meals per day for those in need “for as long as it takes.”