Sabres’ Rasmus Dahlin Is Raring To Go After His First Season In The NHL

When rookie Rasmus Dahlin made it to the NHL last season, he must have felt as though his dreams had come true. While making it is impressive enough, it’s all about saying in the league and improving for rookies. After an okay rookie season last year, Buffalo Sabres’ Rasmus Dahlin is ready to use that experience to reach the next level.

Sabres’ Rasmus Dahlin is raring to go after his first season in the NHL

Putting The Pressure On

Rasmus Dahlin was the number one pick in the NHL draft, and so expectations were high for the Swede coming into the league. As the Sabres’ season unfolded it didn’t sit well with the defenseman, who was not accustomed to losing so many games in a year.

Speaking of the upcoming season, Dahlin says he is putting more pressure on himself than ever. Dahlin claims the Sabres are “going to be a winning team” and they are aiming for the playoffs next time round.

Inconsistent Season

The real problem for the Sabres was maintaining the high levels they reached at times last season. After a ten-game winning streak, Buffalo were sitting first in the overall standings. That came in November though, and the defeats started rolling in soon after that. To try and put things right, Dahlin flew back in from Sweden three weeks before practice officially starts to begin training.

Sabres’ Rasmus Dahlin is raring to go after his first season in the NHL


Dahlin said he was frustrated because he knew how good his team could play. At times they did play that way, but generally, they struggled. Dahlin has spent the summer adding weight and muscle to his frame to help him better handle the physical nature of the NHL.

The Sabres have a new coach in Ralph Kreuger, and their fans will be hoping the team can find a winning formula that keeps them stacking up the wins.