The Most Overlooked Draft Prospect in 2019

When the NFL Draft rolls into town there are tons of hopeful football players all crossing their fingers they get a big move to a franchise. The draft doesn’t always go the way people expect it to, and often draft prospects are overlooked. Does it mean teams haven’t done their homework, or is there something about them we don’t know? This is the most overlooked draft prospect of 2019.

The Most Overlooked Draft Prospect in 2019

Prospect X

Sports Illustrated ran a story days before the NFL Draft took place claiming they knew who the most underrated draft prospect of 2019 was. They refused to publish his identity until after the draft had been completed, this way the teams who were interested in him got to keep their intentions close to their chest. The sports magazine were so sure their star had been overlooked, and perhaps he had, but was that for a good reason?

Scouting Combine

The player Sports Illustrated had identified as the most overlook draft prospect wasn’t invited to attend the annual player’s combine. This is where the best prospects in college football come together to show off their skills to everyone in the NFL. It’s an important event as players are compared against the others and coaches can get an idea of how these prospects would fit their teams.

Prospect X played for a small town college, and wasn’t a part of the established schools. He had a great college career but because his name wasn’t in the headlines all the time not many people knew of him.

The Most Overlooked Draft Prospect in 2019

Proving His Worth

Instead of national acclaim, Prospect X had to impress coaches and scouts on his own. That meant they had to travel to his smalltown school football stadium while Prospect X worked out in front of them.

He had done everything within his powers to impress the NFL scouts. Draft day came around, and Prospect X was very hopeful of being picked. The rounds kept on passing, and no one had chosen him, but in the sixth round, the Cleveland Browns came calling.

Sports Illustrated’s most overlooked prospect was Drew Forbes, a guard from Southeast Missouri State. He was picked up in the sixth round and only time will tell if Sports Illustrated were right to call him their most overlooked draft prospect of 2019.