Why Novak Djokovic Belongs In The Tennis GOAT Conversation

With his recent win at Wimbledon Novak Djokovic has moved to within four grand slam titles of matching the greatest of all time. The Serbian tennis player has lived in the shadow of the sport’s two greats, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. Despite everything Djokovic has done, he isn’t considered a great, but that must change after his recent Wimbledon victory.

Why Novak Djokovic Belongs In The Tennis GOAT Conversation

A Battle For The Ages

Djokovic beat Federer in a five-set tiebreaker at Wimbledon and broke the hearts of many people in the crowd. The Serbian isn’t a fan-favorite, but no one can deny his impressive skills on the tennis court. The UK crowd were in favor of the incredibly talented Federer, but Novak Djokovic fought through his frustration to come out on top. That made it 16 grand slam titles for Djokovic, putting him two behind Nadal and four behind Federer.

A Favorite For Most Grand Slams

Aside from the French Open, which belongs to Nadal, Djokovic is the favorite for the remaining three for the next few years. He’s five years younger than Federer, and that energy showed in their epic Wimbledon battle. Federer was playing all of the tennis, but Djokovic was too quick and fit, forcing Federer to always hit one more shot. It took its toll, and in the final set tiebreak, Djokovic sailed to victory.

Why Novak Djokovic Belongs In The Tennis GOAT Conversation

No Stopping Him

When he is fit and healthy, which there is no stopping Novak Djokovic. He seems to have found a level of determination that could see him rip through the grand slam tournaments in the coming years and sit on top of the pile. He needs four to catch Federer, which he could possibly even do in 12 months.

Djokovic is underrated by many, but he does his talking on the court, where you’ll struggle to find anyone better.