Montez Sweat Sets A New Record For Fastest 40

In football, speed is pretty much everything. Sure strength is important, but it’s pretty much a given for most players. What really can make the difference is speed and agility, just look at Julian Edelman in the most recent Super Bowl. NFL scouts are licking their lips in anticipation as Montez Sweat has just set a new record for the fastest 40.

Montez Sweat Sets A New Record For Fastest 40

Who Is Montez Sweat?

If you don’t know who Montez Sweat is yet, just wait a few years and you’ll know all about him. Sweat wowed the NFL scouts after many outstanding performances during his senior college season last year. He played for Mississippi State, and his performances have boosted his draft chances dramatically. It’s not just on the field where Sweat is impressing and in early March he wowed scouts yet again, but this time with his raw speed.

Showing Off At The Scouting Combine

Sweat was already on the radars of most NFL teams, but his performance at the recent NFL Scouting Combine must have everyone in the league excited. The edge rusher weighs in at 260 pounds and smashed the 40-yard dash record by completing the distance in 4.41 seconds. That beat the previous record of 4.44 set in 2004 and 2006 by Isaac Hilton and Manny Lawson.

His speed is scary, especially considering his size and if he makes it to the NFL, he’s going to be wrecking offenses all day, every day. When compared to this year’s wide receivers, Sweat ranks in at eight fastest, proving just how dangerous he is set to become in the near future.

Montez Sweat Sets A New Record For Fastest 40

Big Future Ahead

After an exciting final season at college with Mississippi State, it seems as though Montez Sweat has a big future in football. He has already done the hard work by impressing the scouts. All Sweat has to do now is keep up the good work, and he should be making a move early in the draft.

Montez Sweat is already close to being the full package, and he must be under serious consideration by most of the teams in the NFL. It’s going to interesting to see which team he ends up at, and how much damage he can do when he gets there.