Layne Matechuk Is Back On The Ice After Horrific Bus Crash

Young ice hockey hopeful Layne Matechuk was unfortunately involved in a devastating bus crash that meant 10 of his teammates lost their lives. Matechuk survived after a transport truck crashed into his team bus, and he recently made it back onto the ice after a brain injury.

Beating The Odds

It was a tragic accident that saw 16 people lose their lives. Matechuk and his Humboldt Broncos were on their way to a Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League match when they were wiped out by a transport truck. The game was in the playoffs against Nipawin in April 2018.

Matechuk’s family released a statement last year to say their son had been in a coma for a month following the accident. The driver of the truck, Jaskirat Singh Sidhu, was charged with 16 counts of dangerous driving causing fatality. There were a further 13 counts of dangerous driving causing injury.

Layne Matechuk Is Back On The Ice After Horrific Bus Crash

Getting Stronger

Matechuk is a defenseman but suffered a critical brain injury as a result of the crash. At just 18 years old, he has the rest of his life ahead of him, and no doubt had dreams of playing hockey in the NHL. After coming through the coma, he gradually grew stronger each day as his parents updated people via social media on his recovery. No one knew if he would ever be the same again, let alone if he would ever get onto the ice and do the thing he loves the most once more.

Layne Matechuk Is Back On The Ice After Horrific Bus Crash

Time To Shine

Finally, nine months after the accident, Matechuk’s father had something amazing to share with the world. He posted two videos of his son back on the ice. Layne was able to skate once more, thanks to some help from the goal frame, but that wasn’t all. The defenseman was back hitting pucks, and it was a great sign of his recovery.

Kevin Matechuk said he “couldn’t be more proud of Layne” as he got to watch his son on the ice following a challenging time for his family. Layne even wore his old number 28 Broncos jersey.

Layne is struggling to get his speech back, and he does struggle with tremors in his right hand. Here’s hoping that one day Layne gets back to his best and is tearing it up on the ice once again in the near future.