Has The Chris Paul Rule Ruined Chris Paul?!

Chris Paul became the symbol of change in the NBA as his rule helped older guys ensure they could still pick up substantial contracts. In doing so, it seems Paul might have fallen victim to the rule that he helped create.

Has The Chris Paul Rule Ruined Chris Paul?!

The Chris Paul Rule

Before Paul campaigned for change, players over the age of 34 were subjected to reduced contracts on account of how old they were. It was seen as a risk to reward older players such large contracts, but Paul, as the president of the National Basketball Players Association, wanted to make a difference. The rule was changed, and now players can continue to receive large contracts until they are 38.

Second-Highest Paid Player

Paul signed a huge contract thanks to his new rule and at 34 is the second-highest paid player in the league, behind Steph Curry. At 34 though, there aren’t that many teams happy to have him on their roster and pay him the $38.5 million yearly salary.

Has The Chris Paul Rule Ruined Chris Paul?!

No Championship Ring

A man with Paul’s qualities should be able to play for a championship-challenging team, but his wages mean he probably won’t. Paul was traded to Oklahoma for Westbrook because they are on a similar contract.

The Thunder aren’t likely to challenge for a title, and it seems as though Paul’s contract, which runs until 2022, will prevent someone from adding him to their roster. His salary is too much of a commitment for any team to swallow for a 34-year-old.

The Chris Paul rule is an important one to ensure players aren’t missing out on being paid because of their age, but it’s a double-edged sword. Now Paul has to deal with the fact the top teams cannot afford his salary commitment and expect to pick up a championship.