Conor McGregor Shares Staggering Net Worth as UFC’s Biggest-Ever Star

As he sat comfortably in a recent YouTube interview, professional mixed martial artist and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) icon, Conor McGregor unabashedly revealed his current estimated worth. Unlike the average person dealing with economic crisis realities, McGregor is far from worrying about the cost of a pot noodle for dinner.

Conor McGregor’s Fortune Revealed

In this intriguing piece of discourse on The Ultimate Fighter Season 31 on UFC’s YouTube channel, Megan Olivi questioned how it felt to rank impressively high on Sportico‘s 50 Highest-Paid Athletes of All Time list. To this question, the former UFC Featherweight and Lightweight Champion casually admitted that he stood at the 33rd rank, which he considered motivating and a sign due to his belief in angel number 33.

Conor McGregor’s Fortune Revealed

McGregor tipped his hat to Michael Jordan who held the top spot thanks to his brand earnings. In stark comparison to him though, Conor McGregor had previously appeared on the Forbes list at position 35 in 2022 but was dropped off by the next year. However, amongst celebrities of the year 2020, he claimed a commendable 53rd spot showing quite a range in his financial influence.

Climbing Toward a Billion

Sports fans around the world have long awaited a believable financial revelation. While Sportico‘s list indicated McGregor’s current net worth is around $615 million (inflation-adjusted), or $530 million non-inflation adjusted based on industry insiders’ conversations and historical estimates; there’s an impressive trump card. Two years ago, McGregor’s net worth was valued at approximately $200 million, which seems like peanuts considering the picture the Irish fighter draws for us now.

Climbing Toward a Billion

Not only has he managed an ambitious leap into figures thrice as high as before, McGregor himself speaking confidently that he is “closing in on a billion now,” weighing at about $650 million fully inclusive. “I would probably have to do my little check of that,” he added while anticipating progress up the affluent athlete’s list.

Conor McGregor ends by reflecting “So yeah, it’s good.” So, to sum up, life indeed seems more than just “good” for some.

How Female College Athletes Balance Sport & Entrepreneurship

Last year was a turning point for college athletics. It was the first time when the NCAA allowed student athletes, female and male, to profit off of their name, image, and likeness. Before, student athletes were not allowed to make money through sponsorship deals, personal merch, brand endorsements, and other such ways. Although this decision has opened new doors, there were some bumps in the road.

Female college athletes running indoors How the Change Affected Female Athletes

Since the rule changed last year, female athletes have received fewer sponsorship opportunities and lower compensation than their male counterparts. According to a study, 71.7% of NCAA NIL deals have gone to men while 28.3% have gone to women. In a place where women are already more disadvantaged than their male peers, this is a disappointing but not so surprising development. The female college athletes are already fighting for more awareness and attendance at their games, and fighting for sponsorships and brand deals just adds another layer of stress.

Some More Bumps in the Road

In addition, the extra income made from the NIL deals has altered the finances of the young athletes, including making the tax filing process more complicated. Essentially, these athletes are now CEOs and entrepreneurs, who have a new income stream that can be very unwieldy. Many have paychecks coming from different brands and platforms, with different fine print and tax forms. This ends up being a lot for a student athlete to juggle and many need professional help keeping their finances in order.

How They Manage All of It

The tax preparation company, H&R Block, has launched a program to provide $1 million in sponsorships and support for female college athletes. This is in addition to complimentary tax preparation services, with the goal to help them gain financial confidence and offer expert advice. All of the athletes agreed that it’s hard to juggle their studying, packed training schedules, and new businesswoman roles, but they find the confidence to make it work.

Although there’s still a long way to go, these athletes and H&R Block are inspiring other female athletes to have confidence in themselves. And if you are looking for a way to support these women, come to cheer them on, whatever the sport is!