The Chiefs Stars Are Aiming High With Ambitions to Be Better Than Michael Jordan

There is nothing wrong with having ambition in life, and it seems that winning one Super Bowl simply wasn’t enough for some of the Kansas City Chiefs stars. Fresh from being crowned champs, some of the Super Bowl-winning stars want to be bigger than Michael Jordan.

Aiming Big

During a recent interview with ESPN, Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill and defensive tackle Chris Jones shared their ambitions. Jones said he wanted to end his career with at least five championship rings in Kansas.

That’s when Tyreek Hill joined in and said Jones wasn’t being ambitious enough. The wide receiver suggested Jones shouldn’t be aiming so low, and he recommended winning seven titles. Hill said he and his teammates were “chasing Jordan,” but he wanted to surpass him and win seven Super Bowls.

What Mahomes Thought

Patrick Mahomes was a reason why the Chiefs were so successful last season, and he was asked about his teammate’s ambitions. The quarterback insisted that Hill and Jones were not getting carried away and that you had to love the fact they have goals.

Mahomes explained that his teammates wanted to stay at Kansas for a long time, and they “don’t want to be average.” Kansas’ star man said he and his teammates want to be great every year.

Championship Mindset

Mahomes said that his team’s experiences from last season will drive them forward. The quarterback said his team came through a lot of ups and downs to become victorious. Those downs will now be acting as reminders to the Chiefs players that they have to perform at the highest level every time they step onto the field. Especially if any of them are aiming to be as good as Michael Jordan.

You can’t say some of the Chiefs players are lacking confidence. That will to succeed will no doubt be music to the ears of every Kansas City Chiefs fan around the world.

Everything You Need to Know About the NBA Return

The resumption of the 2019-20 NBA season is on the horizon, but questions still remain about how it’s all going to happen. There are concerns about player safety and fitness, but this is everything you need to know about the NBA return to action.

Everything You Need to Know About the NBA Return

Operation Restart

Franchise owners voted 29-1 to restart the season by the end of July, and it seems as though the NBA is pressing ahead with that plan. The deadline has already passed for players from the 22 teams heading to Florida to accept or reject their invitation to return to action.

Players are expected to head to the Disney resort in Orlando, Florida, by July 7 to get ready for team training a day or two later. The restarted season is due to begin on July 30, although the league has acknowledged that many of its outlined dates are fluid.

Everything You Need to Know About the NBA Return

Play-in Tournament

For the first time in NBA history, teams will enter a play-in to determine who makes it to the postseason. The play-in tournament will take place on 15 and 16 August, with the first round of the playoffs beginning on August 17. Game 7 of the NBA Finals is scheduled for October 12, and just four days later the NBA Draft will occur.

Two days after the NBA Draft, the NBA’s free agency will begin on October 18. The offseason won’t be a long layoff for players, as training camps will begin in November with a December 1 date penciled for the 2020-21 season to begin. Teams making the NBA Finals could have less than a month to recover before starting preparations for the 2020-21 season.

This will be the 2019-20 season NBA return, but not as we know it. Fans will witness the very first play-in and players could legitimately be hoisting the NBA trophy one day and less than a week later join a new team. We’re looking forward to it restarting!