Is Cam Newton One To Watch For MVP This Year?

Just four years ago, Cam Newton won the NFL’s MVP award and looked as though he was set to dominate the league for years to come. On the back of last season however, the quarterback appears to be a shadow of his former self. We’re looking at whether Newton is one to watch for the MVP award this year and if he can regain his previous outstanding form.

Is Cam Newton One To Watch For MVP This Year?

Getting Healthy

The most important thing for Cam Newton is getting back to full health once again. Last season his form was so bad he had to be benched, but it was all due to an underlying shoulder problem. Newton claimed that he could barely throw a ball 30 yards and he was doing whatever he could just to stop the wheels from falling off.

Eventually, those wheels did fall off and Newton hit rock bottom. Now he’s undergone shoulder surgery, and his coach says the Carolina Panthers quarterback is expected to be healthy for the upcoming NFL season. If Newton can remain healthy, he’s going to have an impact this season.

Is Cam Newton One To Watch For MVP This Year?

The Stars Are Aligning?

With Newton back in at quarterback, he can rely on an impressive team around him to help make him look good. Young offensive stars D.J. Moore and Christian McCaffrey are going to be solid targets for Newton to aim for. Tight end Greg Olsen will also be around to help Newton out and stop some of those sacks coming his way next season. With a hungry and talented team around him, if Newton can get his arm back, he could be one of the stars to keep an eye on.

With his shoulder fully healed, and talented players coming into the Panthers team, Newton could be one to watch for the MVP award this year.